AGFS and 'Step by Step’ join forces to support and empower young people!

AG Family Support Ltd. is a passionate cheerleader of charitable causes and especially those which improve the lives and life-choices of vulnerable children and young people.

Our search for a charity partner has also been a humbling experience, because we have come across dozens of organisations which do make a positive difference to the lives of others. We are delighted to have partnered up with 'Step by Step’, which supports and empowers young people to break the cycle of homelessness.

With their headquarters in Aldershot, Step by Step also work beyond the boundaries of Hampshire, supporting vulnerable young people in other South- East and South- West counties. Their amazing team of staff and volunteers help young people with much more than just a bed within a safe environment. The many services available to young people at Step by Step, include life-skills training, counselling, educational support, employment support, moving on to independent accommodation, outreach and mediation. Step by Step relies on corporate and personal donations, to complement limited funding they receive from local authorities. Your charitable donations can, and indeed do make a real difference to someone’s child, brother, future parent…

Please help support Step by Step, which for many vulnerable young people is the last possible safety net, before they plunge into the challenges and turbulence of adult life. Step by Step helps prepare young people to succeed, to achieve and to contribute.

Here are some amazing statistics about Step by Step and their relentless work aimed at making a positive difference in the lives of so many young people: They accommodate up to 240 young people at any one time. Last year they delivered 1200 counselling sessions, helped 78% of their young people become work ready, delivered Early Intervention group work within schools and Peer Education presentations to over 3500 young people, and 93% of young people avoided homelessness. Step by Step deliver £5.60 of social value for every £1 they receive in funding and from charitable donations! £100 provides a young person with accommodation and specialist support for 2 days. £500 provides 12 days of support to help a young person become work ready. £2500 provides one young person with a year of rapid response mental health support. No donation is too small ! Please consider giving to Step by Step or becoming their corporate sponsor by contacting them via

AG Family Support and Step by Step share the same organisational values which are imbedded in our passion to help in a way that it matters most, when it matters most. Our shared ethos is clear- all vulnerable children and young people need and deserve to be heard, to be safe and to thrive. Their safety and wellbeing are of paramount importance to them, their families and the society at large. AG Family Support Ltd.  is dedicated to helping fund various Step by Step projects for young people, and to making a difference in any other way we can. This includes provision of free specialist training to Step by Step staff on Understanding and Working with Self-Harm. This training is delivered by Emily Gajewski, an expert in this field.

We hope to see you out there, at Step by Step community and charity events! When there do please come and say hello to AG Family Support Team.