Therapeutic Parenting Training by AGFS

Supporting parents to cope and flourish is a core value for us at AG Family Support. We are therefore delighted to now offer an evidence-based Therapeutic Parenting course called ‘Just What we Need’ (JWWN). The course is based on the principle that positive and nurturing parenting comes from parents who feel positive and fully equipped for the job!


This programme was developed by two Psychologists who saw the gap in traditional parenting courses, where parents felt so overwhelmed by their own emotional state, they found it too challenging to take on parenting skills training and therefore dropped out or even just felt unable to access it.


What, When and Where?

The course is accredited by the Human Givens College. JJWN starts from looking at what the parents need as human beings to flourish and over an intensive 12-week programme, enables the participants to stand back and develop emotional resilience, so that they are then so much more equipped to deal with the on-going challenges of parenting. The course runs for one 3-hour session per week. Parents will learn about their own emotional needs and how to meet them and this includes emotional resilience work, mindfulness and practical problem-solving skills. There is also scope for looking at specific parenting techniques and ‘space to problem solve’ as a group. The course can be run for a group of between 8 and 14 people and can be offered in the South East only at present, at a venue of the Local Authority’s choice.



This course has run successfully throughout the country from 2011, predominately via Local Authorities with groups of parents from families at risk. The feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive and the dropout rate had been very low, compared to more traditional parenting course (e.g. Triple PP). Reasons cited for this are that the course ‘meets parents where they are at’ and that the parents have enjoyed and responded well to the therapeutic element. Please see further information regarding outcomes here


Who are the Trainers?

AGFS director Emily Gajewski has worked with troubled families in the NHS as an Occupational Therapist in Mental Health for over 20 years. She is also involved in delivering training packages to schools regarding emotional resilience and train nationally on the subject of working positively with self-harm, including with young people.

Angie Burroughs, Director of Inclusion (Retired). Angie has worked with children and their families for decades in her role as a teacher, SENCO and Director of Inclusion.

Emily and Angie have worked together in a school setting for a number of years with young people and their families in groups and individually to improve emotional resilience, including therapy (Emily). They are passionate about enabling families to thrive and to help achieve this, Emily and Angie draw on their vast experience and professional backgrounds.


How to access the course

Email or call Emily directly to discuss your service needs

01273 841300