AGFS offers training and professional supervision services

Whilst professionals are drawn to the more obvious and unique bi-lingual services AGFS offers, they might sometimes overlook other areas which might be as useful to them. Emily is a nationally recognised and very experienced trainer in the area of self-harm and psychosis, for example. Self harm has recently been recognised as a major epidemic amongst young people, with the rates tripling in young women and doubling in young men since 2007. Emily regularly shares her expertise in group training sessions for young people and professionals working with them. Moreover, Emily is a professional supervisor for mental health workers and therapists- skills which can be used in professional supervision of social workers and Independent Social Workers especially. Emily is also a very experienced child and family therapist, with prior experience of working in CAMHS. Then there is Arthur, who offers training/consultancy in working with Eastern European families, working with interpreters and assessment work in Eastern Europe. Arthur is also a trained social work/ISW professional supervisor. Then there is tailor made parenting training for groups and individuals AGFS offers as par of it services. Please review our website for more information and contact us for a chat bout how we can help you and your clients!