Seeking expert help and representation outside care proceedings structure

In my consultancy work for POSK/PPA in London I have had regular enquiries from Polish parents regarding access to support and representation, which is not court mandated. In other words, parents are sometimes unhappy with their solicitors, local authority or court expert assessments of them. The parents then ask me for intervention, ways to re-assess, to assist with their complaints about matters they disagree and are unhappy about. In such circumstances my hands are tied, really, and my advice can only be that as cases are in proceedings and the parents are already represented in court, they must direct their enquiries to their solicitor or raise issues in court. The courts will not allow outside reassessment and intervention and it is for a good reason. The reason being that any such intervention must be deemed necessary and useful to the court, participating parties need to have an opportunity to discuss the merit and understand what is being proposed, agreements must be sought, duplication must be avoided and, crucially, without court-facilitated access to case bundle documents any potential work by outside entities would have to be done in a proverbial ‘vacuum’, thus rendering it unhelpful, to say the least. I believe there is a need for local authorities and solicitors involved in court proceedings to make sure their clients understand the process. This can help avoid unnecessary frustration, upset, heartache and a sense of being abandoned by Polish organisations and professionals in the UK.